DPF repairs for diesel engines are a massive part of our business. In recent years, our vehicle mechanics noticed an increase in the number of calls and visits we were getting from people with DPF warning lights and engine management lights showing on their car. Based in Weymouth, Dorset, Weymouth Mobile Mechanics Ltd is a company you can trust to solve the issue.


This problem happens mainly because the regeneration of the DPF cannot take place due to the time and speed at which this needs to happen. When the roads are too busy, it means that your car is unable to reach regen speed for long enough periods.


Do not remove as it is an MOT failure! It is quite normal for the DPF light to come on without any warning. If this happens in your vehicle, turn to the instructions listed in the owner's manual for regeneration. In many cases, it may mean driving in an appropriate gear, such as sports mode for automatics. This will mean that the engine speed is between 1,700 and 2,200 RPM for about 15 minutes or until the light goes out. This needs to be done continuously without stopping, so a long stretch of dual carriageway or motorway is best.


It is not the speed that you drive at that will allow the DPF to regenerate. Instead, it's the constant higher-than-normal engine speed that allows the system to regenerate. As specialists in working with French vehicles, we are able to do forced regenerations on many Renault™ DCI, Peugeot™, and Citroen™ HDI in the workshop if necessary. If the vehicle has been brought to us with a DPF problem and the glow light, or engine management light is on, or the engine is in limp mode as well, then these faults will have to be rectified before the regeneration can be carried out.


A vehicle recently came to us to have the DPF cleaned due to the fact that the main dealer was unable to get the DPF regenerated. The owner was also advised that a new DPF will be needed to be fitted at a cost of £1,600, plus fitting, to resolve the problem. Fortunately for them, we were able to remove the filter, clean it out manually with special cleaners, clean EGR & breathers, clean the catalytic converter, reset the ECU, and force a further regen on the car for just £375 + VAT - meaning we saved the customer a grand total of more than £1,000!

Another customer, who was expecting the worst if they took their car to garage, came in with a regeneration problem that was caused by a faulty air flow sensor. This meant that the vehicle run in limp mode for a long time. We inspected the engine management system and scoped and tested the air flow sensor before replacing it. Once this was done, we also performed a forced regeneration to make sure all was well with the vehicle.


Having your car regularly serviced with high-quality oils and filters will help your DPF regenerations. What's more, it will also help with EGR valve problems and VNT turbo problems.

Contact our vehicle mechanics today, in Weymouth, Dorset, to learn more about our DPF repairs.